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Our mission is to empower individuals to tap into their inner strength and resilience to overcome life's challenges and achieve lasting change. We strive to provide a safe and compassionate environment for clients to candidly explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences, and develop the skills they need to move forward in their lives.

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One-on-One Therapy

When facing challenges in life, we often feel alone, uncertain, and lack the tools or support we need. It's essential to have someone in your corner who will hear you out and offer resources to begin the healing journey. One-on-One Therapy does just that. We will listen to your story, support you in making changes, and give you the resources to begin again.

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Group Therapy gives you a safe space to share your story with peers that are in similar situations. When you are transforming your life, these spaces allow you to meet others going through the same things. As a result, you can expand your circle with like-minded people determined to change - just like you. 

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& Consulting

It can be overwhelming when a crisis or trauma hits your community, and you're uncertain of the steps you need to take to address it. Your workplace, church, or community organization may feel rocked to the core and unsure how to talk through and heal from the crisis. We can help you with resources and support to guide your community's healing process.

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We provide supervision and clinical support to students and professionals in human services. So if you're looking to refine your skills, get past imposter syndrome, expand your professional circle, or face your own challenges in practice, please reach out. 

Complete the form below, giving as much detail as possible, and we'll be in touch to discuss. 

Supervision Application
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